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Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is for all you Final Fantasy Tactics fans out there.

Final Fantasy Tactics OST – Battle on the Bridge ~ Battle Theme #16

“fast FF tactics drinking game: everytime heaven or hell skill misses or hits you, you take a shot.”

* Please adhere to your drinking age minimum law in where you live. In addition, please drink responsibly. The author of this post does not approve of nor condone reckless drinking behavior. I thought that fans of Final Fantasy Tactics may get a laugh out of this comment.

Many fans of video game music will tell you that Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the gems of video game music. Its beautiful orchestral tracks elicits many emotions and feelings. It also helps to convey a story of deception, manipulation, and a power struggle.

Nevertheless, you can sense of urgency from this select piece. You feel that time is of the essence where you must hurry to save an important story character from an ambush. At the same time, you must plan out your moves knowing that one mistake will cost you the battle.

There is much more I can say about Final Fantasy Tactics, the game and soundtrack, but for now enjoy the select piece and the YouTube Comment of the Day.

Happy Father’s Day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, it is here again, the once every fourth year leap day. I was always curious to see what happens to those who are born on February 29. In my readings, I found out that there are laws which define their age and their legal birthdays (aside from the actual leap day).

Let’s enjoy this Leap Day to the fullest.

As I was going back through some previous posts, I saw one I had done a while back: Small things in Linux that make me happy. This post is absolutely still relevant, I just wanted to give an update for an easier way to do what I did there. The previous script was:

for i in `seq 31 44`;
wget -np --reject=.html -nH --cut-dirs=1 -r$i/

Whereas this could easily be rewritten as:

wget -np --reject=.html -nH --cut-dirs=1 -r{31..44}/

Bash will run the command over and over, each time incrementing the number. This will also work for scp too, but since the command is run once per number, it will require a password each time if you’re using password auth instead of key pairs.

I recently purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T520 from Lenovo. It is definitely a high quality, well built laptop, and I got a great deal with the price. I want to outline a few of the steps I took to get it working with Arch Linux (and dual booting as well.) Here are the specs:

Lenovo Thinkpad T520
 Intel i7 2620K 2.7GHZ
 6GB DDR3 Ram
 NVIDIA Optimus 4200M/Intel HD Graphics
 320GB HDD

First off, the partition scheme. The laptop has a 320GB Drive, and I want to dual boot this bad boy with Windows 7 and Arch. To do that, I created 4 partitions. The partition scheme looks like this:

/dev/sda1 ntfs 85GB Windows 7
/dev/sda2 ext4 30GB Arch /
/dev/sda3 ext4 65GB Arch /home
/dev/sda4 ntfs 140GB Share

This leaves me with a separate /home partition (Need to reinstall Linux for some crazy reason? /home doesn’t need to be touched and my user’s files are all safe.) and a big share directory which is used for data (music, video, etc) between Windows and Linux. I chose ntfs instead of fat for this partition because Linux has been great about reading and writing ntfs for a few years now (thank you ntfs-3g) and it really isn’t the same the other way around. I know about the ext2 driver for windows, but it’s so shoddy that it’s not worth it to me. Also, ntfs supporting file sizes larger than 4GB is important too.

Up next was to install Win7 — I won’t cover that here, I am sure there are a trillion guides to do so online.

After that came the Arch install. I chose to use arch 64 bit here, so I grabbed the arch netinstall x86_64 iso from and slapped it on a flash drive.

I basically followed the defaults for the install. One thing to note is when you get to the package installation section, you’ll be presented with a huge list of packages. This may look scary, but my advice is to just leave it at defaults (hit ENTER) and we can deal with it once we boot into arch for real.

Once installed and rebooted, we’re brought to just a login prompt. This is good!

First thing is first. Installing vim (or your own favourite $EDITOR) so we can get to mucking around with our system’s config files.

pacman -S vim

Adding a user is also required here, but I’ll skip that as it is included right in the installation instructions.

I also set up my shared partition to be user read and writeable. I added this line to /etc/fstab:

UUID=22F89A926C3F6008   /media/Shared   ntfs-3g gid=users,fmask=113,dmask=002,auto 0 0

You can do it via device (/dev/sda4) or uuid (just run blkid to grab the UUID). I also had to install ntfs-3g in order for it to mount.

pacman -S ntfs-3g

Both wired and wireless were detected by default. For network management, I like to use wicd. The fact that it has a console curses client (wicd-curses) is great for if X is borked and you need the internet to look up how to fix it, or to update some packages.

The first thing was to install wicd (So we can unplug this blasted cable from the latop! ;) ) and we do that using pacman, arch’s package manager:

pacman -S wicd wicd-gtk

The second part (wicd-gtk) will install the gtk client and may grab some gtk libraries as well. We’ll probably need those anyway, so no biggie. Once that’s installed, we’ll need to make the wicd daemon start on boot and we don’t want arch’s default network daemon to start. Load up /etc/rc.conf with your favourite text editor.

DAEMONS=(... !network wicd ...)

Putting the ! in front of network will cause it to not get started, while adding wicd will cause it to get started on reboot.

Installing and getting sudo to work will make things a lot easier to do admin stuff. First we install sudo, then make it so users in the wheel group can use sudo.

pacman -S sudo

Run visudo (as root) then

## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

I also like to set up ntp — having the correct time is pretty important. (To me anyway ;) ) So in order to do that, we’ll install the package.

pacman -S ntp

And configure it to use a pool server from your area. Open up /etc/ntp.conf and add the lines for your area.


Once that is done, we can start the daemon and then add it to start automagically at boot.

sudo /etc/rc.d/ntpd start

Open up /etc/rc.conf and add to the very end:

DAEMONS=( ... @ntpd)

We put a @ in front of it to tell arch to background starting this. This service doesn’t need to be running before getting a login prompt. Once ntpd is running, the time should sync up in a few minutes.

Next was to get X working. Following the Arch wiki, this was a piece of cake. I prefer xfce so I also installed that along with compiz.

pacman -S xorg-server xorg-xinit xterm xorg-utils xorg-server-utils
pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies compiz-fusion compiz-fusion-gtk

I chose to use only the intel video driver, and to not run bumblebee for optimus. Note: For desktop work and compositing, I’ve found the intel card to be way more than sufficient, and it even runs Minecraft at 30+fps.

pacman -S xf86-video-intel

Once that was done, no configuring was needed. Now, you can start your xsession any number of ways — gdm, kdm, xdm, lightdm, xinit, etc. I prefer cdm — a nice console display manager. However, this package is located in the AUR (Arch User Repository), so we’ll have to get it from there. I prefer to use yaourt in order to do this. First, installing development tools so packages can be built from source.

pacman -S base-devel

Installation of yaourt is simple (This is stolen from yaourt’s homepage.)

tar zxvf package-query.tar.gz
cd package-query
makepkg -si
cd ..
tar zxvf yaourt.tar.gz
cd yaourt
makepkg -si
cd ..

Once yaourt is installed, we can simply install cdm:

yaourt -S cdm

I have configured cdm to start with xinit so that policykit and dbus can start correctly. If dbus hasn’t been installed as a dependency, you can install it using pacman (I’m sure you know how to do this by now ;))

Here are the relevant parts of /etc/cdmrc

# List all WM binary names

# List all WM display names


The default cdmrc file is pretty well documented as well, so please look it over while making your changes. Next is to set up ~/.xinitrc:

# ~/.xinitrc
# Executed by startx (run your window manager from here)

if [ -d /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d ]; then
  for f in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/*; do
    [ -x "$f" ] && . "$f"
  unset f

# exec gnome-session
# exec startkde
# exec startxfce4
# ...or the Window Manager of your choice
exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch $1

Once this is all said and done, you can log out and log back in and you should get a nice menu — press enter on XFCE and you should be golden.

Now once in, install all the programs we use on a daily basis. From here on in, I will be using yaourt (since it works for non-aur packages too)

yaourt -S firefox chromium opera flashplugin # I like having all 3 installed
yaourt -S libreoffice # of course an office suite
yaourt -S tamsyn-font # great monospace font
yaourt -S tilda tmux moc cmatrix cowsay figlet angband htop bc openssh fortune-mod \
git mtr nethogs gnu-netcat scrot nmap whois dnsutils  # a host of console programs
yaourt -S thunderbird pidgin keepassx synapse dropbox deluge xarchiver geany \
viewnior evince2-light remmina gimp easytag virtualbox wireshark \
zenmap vlc wine mplayer smplayer # a bunch of graphical apps and utils
yaourt -S minecraft playonlinux zsnes doukutsu # some great games

I’m sure there are some programs I missed in there, but if I remember any more I’ll add them in.

Once all those programs were installed, that was basically it. Having compiz replace xfwm and getting it set up how I wanted came next, along with a whole slew of UI customizations. You may want to check out my dotfiles as well for my configs.

Most everything has ‘Just worked’ for me out of the box. I am really impressed with how great Arch has performed on this laptop. This is meant to be a jumping off point for installing and getting up and running quickly more than anything else. If I remember anything else to add, I’ll pop it in here! Feel free to ask questions either here or in email as well (

It is hard to avoid seeing the 10th anniversary of September 11th in the newspaper this past week. After all, it was an event that forever changed our nation.

I was in geometry class when it happened. The headmaster made an announcement a little before 9:00 AM. It was a short message to all of the school.

“Students, New York has been attacked.”

I had no idea what it meant until later.

Today, Sunday, September 11, 2011 I have been listening to the Star-Spangled Banner, the United States of America’s national anthem, a lot. It remains us that even though we were hurt, we picked ourselves up and moved forward with our lives. We became stronger from this trial and it also united out nation as one.

Where were you when it happened?

It is a day that I will never forget.

Normally, reading YouTube may result in the loss of brain cells. But among the drivel and illogical rants and nonsense are a few “diamond in the rough.”

YTCotD – Also, we might want to work on that abbreviation.

Without further ado, I give you the first YouTube Comment of the Day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Battlefield 3: Paris Multiplayer Gameplay

“Whoever does not miss the COD has no heart. Whoever does not want the BF3 has no brain.”

Disclaimer: We’re about to get a ton of google traffic.

If you’ve turned on a local channel or read the news off of any paper or website, then you’ve also likely heard of Casey Anthony. If you haven’t go wikipedia it right now. I’ll wait. Finished? Ok. SHE’S TOTALLY GUILTY, RIGHT? I MEAN HOW COULD… C’MON! If you just agreed with me, then I assume you were present for the all the precedings and have reflected on your answer carefully. I am a District Judge, and therefore qualified to speak on matters of (feline) law. Many have come to doubt the verdict passed by the jury of idiots (they are idiots because they don’t agree with the ‘majority’). So, to satirise sensationalism… I mean… settle this once and for all I’ve compiled a handy collection of fact nuggets, deep fried golden brown in the partially hydrogenated tears of bloggers.

1. OMG It’s just like OJ!

Indeed it is! CA is well known for it’s OJ production, rivalling only FL in climate, loam, and hispanic farmers required to bring you the highest quality beverage. But, in actually, both trials had incompetent prosecution that couldn’t prove their version of events and so the jury was left with little option but to equit. The “let’s randomly accuse everything without non-cirsumstancial evidence and see if it works” method of reasoned discussion is often a sour bet. When both sides do this in a high profile case the jury is left with nothing admissible to actually deliberate on. Heresay, improper evidence, assumptions, and Fox News are not legally allowed to be considered.

2. Well then, we need to change the jury system!

Absolutely. We need more ‘professional’ jurors that know how to deal out justice… oh, wait… punishment can’t be considered? Well, they’ll know how to pick out the right evidence… what’s that?.. juror’s aren’t allowed to investigate on their own or cherry pick evidence? Certainly jurors dedicated to the job and trained in law and logic could… that would cost HOW MUCH!? Well an elite pool of ‘super-jurors’ could at least… Hmm?.. What’s a conflict of interest?

3. At LEAST make it easier to convict those criminals!

You know, the ones we’re 100% sure they probably might have done it. It’s not like the system in place already punishes plenty of innocent people or anything. Tell you what, let’s start a petition making it easier to convict people on trial. To show we mean business, we’ll all willingly serve life sentences as a statement that it’s OK for the greater good. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Although forced sterilty as a punishment is a whole ‘nother discussion…

4. We should make a new law!

Right now. And we can name it after that poor girl, Caylee. Why, I can see it now! Bumper stickers… movie deal… political debates… a parade float. We need the honor this tradedy the only way we can. The Official Caylee Double Bacon Triple Cheese Deep Fried Steak Burger! Everytime you bite into an OCDBTCDFSB you’ll remember a poor girl that had to die not from neglect or a tragic accident… but because there weren’t enough vaguely relevant and unenforceable laws… or heart attack inducing sandwiches.

5. Justice is a dish best served vigilante style

If Christian Bale taught us anything, it’s the two principles of Jesus rephrased for a more modern, American audience.
1. You shall love the Lord, your live set with all your heart.
2. You shall dole punishment to your neighbor as someone with a throat infection.
Clearly we need to hunt down this rogue and deliver the harsh justice that the legal system failed to. If the late Caylee Anthony could’ve wanted one last wish, she would want bloody unyielding vengence on her mother in a way only a toddler can. Haven’t you seen Stewie in ‘Family Guy’?

6. How can you let a psychopath like her back on the street!?

Technically, she isn’t a psychopath. More likely she would be a sociopath. You see a psychopath picks up a knife and threatens the Staypufft Marshmallow Man with his life if he doesn’t take off his clothes right now. A sociopath will be charasmatic and charm his way through life, usually being successful by stepping on whoever needs to be and being uncaring toward the lives of others while showing no remorse. Prison is obviously the best solution for cases like these. It’s not like a mental institution would have better facilities for treatment rather than grown-up ‘Time-out’ and the ability to prevent release of a patient who is still a danger to society or anything.

7. BURN ‘EM!

Sometimes fire is the only solution for all of life’s problems. The worst kind of sycophants deserve no better than to be burned at the stake. You know the types. If you suspect anyone of being a murderer, rapist, pedophile, member of the opposite political party, heretic, witch, communist, minority, furry, banker etc. fire is the best tool you have. You waste precious moments hesitating; remember, they forfeited their right to life the moment you ignored theirs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these juicy nuggets. I suggest you wash it down with a stein of Butterbeer in celebration of the new Harry Potter finale. I, of course, haven’t read or seen Harry Potter because I am not a witch. Nor do I know what Butterbeer is. It sounds like something someone who is about to get set on fire requests for a last meal. Harry Potter is corrupting our children, and like a zombie plague we need to burn those children before it spreads.

This sweet and merry month of May,
While Nature wantons in her prime,
And birds do sing, and beasts do play

It’s May time. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but May is pretty out there. As the world turns around and the ants scurry to build cities underground, we celebrate May in a very special way. It’s a time of year that pilots cheer “Mayday! Mayday!” A time of breakfasts, flowers and one’s mother: May is a month like no other. Each year it starts on a unique day and it also always ends that way. If you’re not convinced May is all that great, just look at all the things to celebrate:

  • National Bike Month
  • National Stroke Awareness Month
  • National Pet Month
  • National Asthma Awareness Month
  • South Asian Heritage Month
  • Hatian Heritage Month
  • National Barbequeue Month
  • National Foster Care Month
  • Natinoal Photo Month
  • National Law Enforcement Appreciation Month
  • National Science Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • Jewish-American Heritage Month
  • National Better Sleep Month
  • National Salad Month
  • Celiac Awareness Month
  • National Preservation Month
  • Boderline Personality Disorder Month
  • Revise Your Work Schedule Month
  • National Egg Month
  • National Hamburger Month
  • Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month
  • National Fitness Month
  • Date Your Mate Month
  • Fungal Infection Awareness Month
  • Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
  • and more…

…oh, and May is the celebratory, celibatory month to masturbate.

May certainly is the calender’s insatiable whore. When it comes to commemerations there’s always room for more. In fact maybe you should make a day too! It doesn’t matter what you choose, cause there’s no way to lose! Who’s anyone to prove you wrong? (Especially if you make a song) Put on your shoes and take to the street. Spread the word to all you meet. “May is National ________ Month! Don’t you know?” Really put on a show. It can be your favorite cause. I don’t think it breaks any laws. Repeat it enough and the results will suprise you. Before long your bullsh** will become true. After all, there’s enough causes to celebrate one each day. The idea has blossomed like a full rainbow: all the way.

I hope you liked this rhymey poem, enjoyed from either work or home. May as a month is really neat. Between the others it can’t be beat. You might think these lyrics are canned, but all has proceeded as was planned. You see while reading this and having fun, the ants have already won. As your eyes dart across the screen their massive deeds go unseen. It’s all connected, can’t you see? The ants are planning in conspiricy. The colony is finished and the skys look gray. The ants resurface for spring… and it’s May.

Disclaimer: By reading this article you agree to the terms and conditions you haven’t read and likely will end up surrendering all freedoms you currently posses.

All rise.

Now sit down. That’s right… just do what I say. It’s like I’m really Dora the Explorer. Now flap your arms! … Ok, that’s enough of that. Let’s see, first trial…

Is fat the new gay?

It’s starting to look more and more like it. We currently are facing a crisis: We are running out of people to hate. The gays are getting slowly more and more socially accepted, and immigrants are finding new and creative ways to show they are both the foundation of this country historically and providing much needed labor presently. The higher-ups are wringing their hands… how can they spread their insane paid-off agendas without fear and hatred? The fatcats sure are in for it now… wait a second… fat… cats… that’s it! Furries! No, not enough people know about them… wait! Fatties! Yes! The obese are a perfect target. Consider the facts: They can’t hold a march for awareness because they’re too out of shape. “Fat” is relative, so it can be redifined depending on the exact amount of hatred, money, or discrimination needed. We can easily cite (without numbers) that they are a burden on the rest of us, selfishly taking up all our food, space, medical care, and they stink too. Then they get sad and eat more…

This is perfect. A self sustaining chain of hatred. We can inflate the children too with McDonalds. You see, all we have to do is subsidize unhealthy food to be the cheapest. Then, we can say that only a socialist nanny state would take away tasty food. Finally we shift the blame unto the fatties themselves and say its their problem becasue it’s not like eating triggers the same responses in the brain as for alcoholics and drug addicts. We can just ignore other causes like genetic disposition, medication side effects, glandular dysfunction, etc. Just remember: gay people aren’t fags anymore. Save the word for fatty fat-fats… Fatbulous.

A potential cure for allergies?

Good news? That’s impossible. Next case.

Oh, great. Another format war.

They’re at it again, it seems. Quite frankly, as long as there are still USB ports on a machine for legacy compatibility, Thunderbolt seems to be the better choice. Better yet, why not just replace those legacy USB Ports with USB 3? Why can’t we have both until the dust settles? This is stupid, it’s not like an optical drive where the space for another bay is too out of the question. If either is so expensive that it can’t be done, this may not be the right time for it either. USB is used by alot of appliances (printers, keyboards, mice, storage, and many other periphreals) and it wouldn’t make sense to have just one port on a computer if this is a supposed replacement.

The consumer tends to lose in these types of contests as well. The technology is already there, and it’s just a race to see what can become more mainstream first. This means all the potential R&D money instead goes into advertising and penetration. Users may end up investing in the wrong choice (Are those HD-DVD players really worth it? Was it a good buy?) and end up fronting the cost of both anyway, as many periphrials will attempt to be compatible on both fronts, lest they lose customers in the other market share.

Uh-oh. Where’s that sign I had…

Oh, here it is (image hosted by I’ll talk about it a bit more in a moment, but it seems brownies with legal herbal supplements are Satan’s shit wrapped up and intended to be eaten by unsuspecting children. Adults don’t eat candy, or anything sweet for that matter. In fact, the next time you see someone order any cocktail with sugar on the rim, punch them and perform a citizen’s arrest because they must be underage for enjoying sweets.

As you know, the FDA exists to make sure we don’t have sawdust and bugs in our food… oh. Well, it’s not like they knee-jerk react and make popular substances illegal despite potential legitimate use…. oh. Well it’s not like in tandem with the DEA they ensure the pockets of gangsters stay lined and waste billions on enforcement against harmless end users… oh. Now I’m not saying that the FDA shouldn’t exist; I’ll leave that to Glenn “The Sky is Falling, and it’s all the liberals’ fault” Beck. Seriously though, it needs to get some priorities straight. Ignoring the obvious and touting propaganda doesn’t work. We’ve seen that with abstinence only sex-education.

So, these brownies which are clearly labeled for adult only consumption, use no illegal substances, are safer than baking your own NyQuil brownies, are evil. Why? They have a cartoon on them. And as we all know, cartoons are only meant for children (NSFW). So remember, the next time you hand a lit cigarette to an infant, it’s the tobacco company’s fault. Also, sweet things with a cartoon mascot will always and incontrovertably have a target audience of ages 3-11 (Probably NSFW). Seriously, what’s the world coming to? When children can’t enjoy a “happy” meal of diabetes in a cup and heart disease in a bun, we’re all doomed. At least that’s what the cartoon clown tells me.

Edit: Lazy Cakes link was missing.

As xkcd once said: “Someone is wrong on the internet!”

Wow, just wow. You know I don’t hate Mac, really. And I dislike Microsoft and Apple about equally. What really gets me on the whole Mac v. PC debate is the misinformation and fanboy/girlism. And I really grit my teeth at Apple fanpersons. It’s not that I’m angry they don’t share my opinion(s). No, it’s that they’re beliefs and, or jutifications are completely illogical and false.

Take for example the widely held belief that Macs are better at art and music than a PC. At best that’s refferring to the wrong data point (there may be more quality artists who use them) and at worst it’s the opposite case. What software tools are you using? Anything web based, anything adobe, and big names like Autotune (VST Plugin), Corel Painter, Sony Vegas/Acid, FL Studio, etc. all have native Windows versions. Admittedly there are some cool smaller things, but nothing really major. Well, there is garageband… oh… Mixcraft is just like it. Apple uses intel and AMD chips. Those hardwares are easily (and often by default) available on PCs. It’s not like they’re using motorola chips anymore and you could argue of their superiority in those regards.

Pretty much every other sterotype I can think of is brought up in the eWeek article. He’s not saying “I like OSX, and think it’s easy to use out of the box” or “I think the culture Apple (tries to) associate with is in line with my personality”. He phrases it in such a manner that Apple is a deity. I wonder if they pay him? I am now going to systematically refute each one of his points.

Fallacy #1: “The Macbook pro is second to none”

Should actually read: “I do not research my claims”. When I actually found anything close to the MacBook Pro’s price (it’s that high), it came (in the $2500 range) with specs about 2-3 times better than the MacBook and could further be upgraded. The MacBook Pro certainly is second to none… as long as you only look in the Apple Store.

Fallacy #2: “The Macbook Air for Mobility”

It was here I realized that he is going to showcase a bunch of Mac Products turning this into more of a commercial than an editorial. Ultra thin laptops are a novelty, sure, and the Air is not unique. Models like the Samsung 9 series, MSI X-Slim, and Lenovo X-300, and many others are less than an inch thick for a gimmicky product your cat is likely to snap in half. Consider why you want or need ultra-portability. There are down-right tiny machines like the Asus EEE PC line and Toshiba flip tablets. There are also small “rugged” laptops for frequent (and rough) travel. You might even consider a smartphone or a tablet at that rate (but don’t get me started on the iPad)

Fallacy #3: “The Mac Pro is a Workhorse”

Called it. Screw logic. We have a showcase. This is the exact same issue as #1. Instead of a laptop, it’s a workstation this time. Well, in the article he claims (at the time of this writing) that a Mac Pro supports up to 64GB of RAM. Guess what? It doesn’t. But this PC does. In fact, that one goes up to 192GB supported. This is all moot anyway, because unless you are doing heavy graphical rendering or simulation you will never make use of that much. Even then, consider a blade server setup.

Fallacy #4: “Snow Leopard is a Winner”

If you like OSX, so be it, but his talking out of his ass is getting himself in trouble with this one. See below in my “Facts” section for some positive feedback on the OSX (and kinda iOS). However, you can’t call someone a “winner” when they don’t win. Apple’s restrictive nature means it falls behind in software availability. It’s small market share contributes to that problem. While this priveledged club of code gets to be on Apple, that doesn’t guaruntee there aren’t bugs either. The real “foot in mouth: moment is when he says Windows is still the best for a server enviroment. I have to disagree. I’d recommend linux for servers hands down unless there’s a legacy compatibility issue.

Fallacy #5: “Security Considerations”

There are viruses for the Mac. There are also anti-viruses for it, but I haven’t seen a free one. Windows has plenty of free solutions that in combination with a firewall (comes standard as a part of windows) and some common sense (don’t run ‘image.exe’ or ‘porn.bat’) you’re pretty much just as safe as on any other OS. In fact, I think linux has even fewer malwares than Mac. I haven’t even heard of a virus for Haiku or Solaris… the real weak link is your browser. And Safari, Chrome, and FF are all available on both Windows and Mac. If we’re gonna market with fear, how about that whole Apple is monitoring it’s users’ locations scandal?

Fallacy #6: “Pricing isn’t as bad as some think”

Well, I could write a several page essay on how the limited nature of a Mac’s specifications and Apple’s closed enviroment is a double edge sword to ensure quality but serverely limits the product in it’s own capability and… no. No, I think I’ll just link you to the apple store to look at a 17″ Mac Book Pro’s starting specs and price and then look at the equivilent machine sold for less than half the price. True that they’re not exactly the same machine (I think the Samsung might be a little better), but look at the price difference. That’s not apple tax, that’s you can buy two of the latter and have cash left over to get some weed.

Fallacy #7: “Don’t discount FaceTime”

Really? Skype has been doing video chat since January. This is not a selling point. Oh, was it neccisary to call it a selling point? Yes. This is a commercial, and if you’re trying to call it otherwise, you’re a fool.

Fallacy #8: “Beware the Bloat”

Most retailers don’t have that much pre-installed software, and if it does it isn’t a big hassle to uninstall it. In fact, I don’t like Dell or HP, but there’s a plethora of other people to buy a PC from. If you don’t like Apple, they’ve gone to the extent to make it illegal to have anyone but them configure or resell their product. Try punching “Generic Mac” into Google sometime.

Fallacy #9: “Windows is still available”

This one is actually correct. Bootcamp and Parallel allow you to run Windows natively or as a virtualized instance. It makes you wonder though… like wine on linux… the whole point is to emulate windows because it has something the host OS doesn’t. In this case , compatibility. Windows has much more software (especially games) that is exclusive to it and worth the compatibility.

Fallacy #10: “The Mac App Store”

“App Stores” seem to be the hottest little thing. Windows 8 is gonna have one, Amazon has one, Andriod has one… The thing about Windows is that most software [period] runs on it. The Mac App Store started as a way to 1.) Make OSX and iOS software easily accesible and 2.) Restrict/Control/QA it. App stores are becoming a feature the big players are hyping and serves a convience, but carries no other real weight. Perhaps the most valuable part of these is the memory company-side of your purchases thus eliminating local bookeeping for things like CD-Keys. Still, this is not a unique feature.

And there we have it. Barely any of that was relevant for an educated comparison between Macs and everything else (which seem to be just Microsoft windows 7… even more odd considering Don doesn’t separate the Hardware and Software components, distinguish mobile, etc.)

Tell you what though. As I said: I’m not anti-Mac. I can give you 10 actual reasons they don’t suck. I say “don’t suck” because they’re still not my top choice, but I’m not Don, and I won’t wildly impose views on you nonsensically.

Fact #1: “Apple is not Windows”

It isn’t. That’s enough for some people. Windows has a history and a tone corporately many don’t agree with.

Fact #2: “Apple Innovates”

Apple has had a tendency recently to lead the market with a new product. That in itself is worth something, and you can’t have an android tablet when the only competitor is the iPad.

Fact #3: “Apple is easy.”

Apple understands what the word “intuitive” means. Google gets it too, but not quite as well, and Microsoft is only now learning.

Fact #4: “Apple makes me feel important”

Hey, some people like the whole Apple superiority vibe. That’s their choice and if you like that special feeling, then who’s to stop you?

Fact #5: “Apple has good support”

Microsoft support is in India, and it can’t always help you out, especially with any 3rd party software. Most Linux flavors are free and don’t come with professional support, but there are IRC channels and forums to ask. Apple though has the most complete product support in the market and have earned the compliment.

Fact #6: “Most corporations are evil, so our antics don’t matter”

Seriously. Even Goo-”Don’t be evil.”-gle steals from the cookie jar. Calling out big corporations for being evil is calling a spade a spade. They exist to make money. Your happiness only matters because that makes them more money. By the time a corporation gets that big the idealistic minds behind it are either gone, bought, or corrupted themselves. Don’t hold Apple’s policies too hard against them. (You can hold the DRM stuff really hard though)

Fact #7: “Apple is full service”

Tieing in with #5, yes, but I mean more of a complete product experience. Your iPhone can interface with your iPad and your iMac to sync with your iLikeMusic and your iLife is all taken care of by Steve Jobs, so you don’t need to make any choices at all anymore besides what flavor of starbucks. Some people like that. They don’t have the time or will to tinker even though the options are out there fro the other OSes.

Fact #8: “Apple is pretty”

It looks nice. Windows, Linux, etc. can too, but not out of the box. Apple’s ‘look’ is also pretty much the effort of this one British guy with OCD too, so things have continuity. Again, not so easily achieved elsewhere.

Fact #9: “Apple is exclusive”

Like #4 and #2. You have the hip new thing. Many people don’t. It’s that simple. Again, some people like apple stuff for that reason and it can’t be held against them.

Fact #10: “There are nine good things about Apple”

Which is more than Microsoft. (All MS has is marketshare/compatibility)