Disclaimer: The contents of this article may inspire you to create an army of radioactive super-mice, who in turn enslave humanity and use them for scientific research. I hope you like cheese.

If you have a World of Warcraft account, make sure to log in this week to get your anniversary loot. Some people refer to the game, affectionately, as ‘World of Warcrack’ due to its addictivity. I’d also associate the following random buzz phrases to it: ”Game 2.0″, “Blackout in an RPG”, “Don’t touch my loot”, and  ”Thrall’s honeymoon is over”. But enough talk, have at you!

Case 1: Korea v. Korea

North Korea is best Korea. At least, that’s what the shiny posters all over Pyongyang tell me. In a recent event, N. Korea seems to be insanely jealous over S. Korea’s “mad-skillz” in Starcraft and totally “zerged” their RL base. Furthermore, N. Korea seems to be harassing “All-chat” demanding that the world recognize their Nuclear Silos. Their old Overmind retired, and his son now takes the seat of the empire. I have to say though, Kim Jong-Un is far less sexually provocative than Sarah Kerrigan. And the title “Prince of Blades” just makes him sound emo.

Case 2: Sci-fi v. TSA

Well, as previously noted, the TSA has begun giving handjobs to people opting out of the porn generators/crotch explosive detector X-Rays, people who trip the metal detector (like this shota), and non-European foriegners. There’s been quite a bit of public outrage over this, but don’t take me word for it: watch any news network for more than two hours. The best part is the whole “Privacy v. Security” issue has come up many times before. I’d personally recommend a (free) book personally recommended to me: Little Brother. In it you will find a not all to unrealistic depiction of practices being slowly rolled out now. Not to worry, the inital attack mentioned in the book could totally never happen.

Case 3: Politics v. any unsuspecting soul caught in its wake of fear, destruction, and hatred

There are a few recent events I’ll mention briefly, but only to point out how they could’ve easily been avoided with 30 seconds of forethought. First off, in the U.S.A. (that country that still thinks it owns the world): “The American people” “decided” “by their voting” “that they wanted change”. Something like that seems to be a popular thing to say. I see why, mainly because it’s both obvious and tragicially unfufilling. In “Washington [D.C.]” petty fights constantly prevent any real work from getting done, even when it’s work almost everyone agrees on. Issues need to be bundled together, earmarked, blown up in the media, and smeared from multiple angles before anything can actually happen. Modern politics doesn’t involve intelligently outlining where differences in opinion lay and opting for concessions and compromises; it is reduced to the frantic bickering of preschoolers with law degrees. When reason and empathy can replace misinformation and childishness, presumably more change will happen and upset fewer people.

If you think game theory shouldn’t be involved in how our lives are decided, you might be an atendee of the Green Tea Rave. This Longcat is considering a try at writing for Cracked and, or working on several other (possible a smidge more serious) literary projects. Motivation comes in the direct form of the ratio between articles and comments on this site. *winking smiley face*

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